About Glitch

A collaboration between Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the author and translator Yi Izzy Yu,  and Empress Wu Books, and a tie-in with the publication of The Shadowbook of Ji Yun, GLITCH is a literary home of Chinese true tales  of  the strange (zhiguai)-- including lingyi gushi (modern paranomal stories)--and Western glitch-in-matrix tales, as well as classic "guai" (strange) Chinese horror fables that attempt, via allegorical means, to whisper truths in their own way.

Like Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian scholars of old, GLITCH collects strange stories and puts them in conversation with one another. We do so in order to dismantle too-easy divisions between myth and truth, fiction and nonfiction, scientific and supernatural phenomena, the physical and the spiritual, and the waking and dreaming worlds. Our aim? "Boxue (博学)," the illumination of the deep principles of self and reality.


Awkward but social