Crowd Mind by u/ZenithiaX

So I work at a local restaurant, and last night I experienced possibly the strangest, most unexplainable thing of my entire life. It was a very busy Saturday night, with hundreds of people coming in to eat. Obviously, it gets pretty loud in the restaurant. Customers talking, workers yelling back and forth, the clanging of dishes and appliances, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary right? Well, that's where the strangeness comes into the picture. As the night went on, there was a very distinct moment in time where everything, and I mean everything, went completely silent; people stopped talking, moving, and working. There were no sounds from dishes or appliances. None of the customers were eating or speaking. I myself had just stopped to take a breather after carrying a heavy stack of plates. It was incredibly bizarre. This moment lasted for about 10 seconds or so, and EVERYBODY noticed it. The first sounds I could hear afterward were waitresses going "wow, it got super quiet didn't it?" and "what just happened?". Some of the customer joked about the food being so mind blowing that it caused everyone to take pause. People kept discussing it for a while after that, and most simply chalked it up to some really weird coincidence.

I've tried my best to discover the cause of this, but nothing comes to mind. What on earth could have triggered a moment of complete and utter silence in a hectic environment filled with hundreds of people? I know sometimes we experience a few brief moments where everything gets quiet for a few seconds, but NEVER to this extent. This was different. I'm still spooked by it to be honest.

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