We All Saw My Husband by u/SawScar112013

This happened a few months ago, before all the quarantine, but I still can’t stop thinking about it. We live on a farm and my husband also owns his own construction business. He turned one of the old barns near our house into his business area where he keeps all of his trucks, equipment, office etc. you have to pass our house to get to this particular barn.

It was a Saturday and he went alone to finish a job. My husband’s aunt and uncle came for a visit and we were standing in the front yard while my son was showing them how he could ride his bike without training wheels. We all saw my husband pull onto the farm and turn into our driveway. My son rode his bike into the yard to get away from the truck and we all waved at him, but he was looking straight ahead and didn’t see us. I thought it was a little odd he didn’t even glance over at the house, but brushed it off. My son was anxious to see him and his uncle wanted to see the new skid steer we bought, so we started walking to the barn, only to find it empty. My husband, nor his truck was there. I called to ask where he was, because you can’t leave the barn without going past our house again, and we’d been walking on the road toward him. There’s no way we could’ve missed each other. He said the job ran a little late and he’d be home in ten minutes. I told him we saw him come home, and he said it wasn’t him. We ALL saw him drive into the farm and pull into the barn. We have no explanation.


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