A Shift Glitch

A long time ago I had a conversation with an old workmate who described [the following]:

The detail is hazy, but he said one day he was in his house when he felt a sudden need to go outside and stand on his lawn. He claimed it was the strongest, clearest feeling ever, and on doing so he experienced a sort of "wobble"; he just said everything was screwed up for moment, and he experienced a feeling of detachment/outside-ness. When it passed, he turned to go back inside.

While talking to me, he got quite upset at this point, and asked me not to think him crazy... The next thing he saw was his car parked in the street and it was the same model/registration, but a different color.

He was so thrown at this, and then more so because then his wife came out to ask what he was doing, and he said he realized she was in all appearance his wife, but somehow not his wife. He said from that point on she liked foods she had claimed to hate before, and sometimes brought up memories he said he had zero relation to. He said things like his route to work was still the same but somehow different, he said there were buildings on the way that either he had missed in the six years he'd driven past them five days a week, or had just "appeared" overnight. He even said some people he remembered from other departments in work had just vanished, and asking about them brought total incomprehension from other people.

He was a totally regular healthy guy, but he said he measured his life in relation to that afternoon. He went on to say he was now living his life with a feeling that about 15% of it had spontaneously changed that afternoon.

From Redditor /u/Hedgerow_Snuffler