Amber’s News by A. Moore

Back in the eighth grade, I had this really vivid dream that my cousin Amber was pregnant. However, in the dream, she didn't know that she was pregnant until she was about 4 months due to the fact she was still having her monthly (sorry for the TMI). Until one day when she went to the ER after bleeding excessively. She was then told there that she was expecting. That's all I could remember from the dream. I should add that in the dream I wasn't physically with Amber. Yet I could see everything unfold. Like a bird in the sky looking down, or a “fly on the wall.”

The next day I went to school and told my best friend and explained to her that I experienced this crazy dream about my cousin. A little background on me and my cousin: at the time we weren't close. She’s about 21-23 years older than me and lives about two hours away. So I only came in contact with her around holiday time. At the time I had this dream. we had just gone back to school from summer break. So this dream took place in September.

Fast Forward to Thanksgiving. Amber comes to dinner late. And low and behold she comes in with a big belly because she was 6 months pregnant! Everyone was shocked because no one knew she was expecting. She didn't tell anyone.

She explained to my mom that she didn't know she was pregnant until she hit four going on five months because she was still experiencing her cycles, and it wasn't until she went to the hospital for heavy bleeding that she was told she was pregnant. She decided to keep her pregnancy to herself for a while as she didn't know what the outcome of her pregnancy would be.

I was in the same room as them as they talked. And my god was I sitting there in total shock. It was the same exact thing I dreamt about! I didn't say anything, because I didn't know what to make of it, the only person I ever told was my best friend, and even she looked at me a little weird. The experience honestly had me thinking that I dreamt something into existence, and that spooked the crap out of me. It was definitely a surreal moment for me that I'd never forget. Amber delivered a healthy baby girl at 41 weeks that March.