Flowers by Baylee Snedden

Over the summer, my brother and I had our own “glitch in the matrix” experience when we decided to test reality with the app “Randonautica”, a game based on quantum energy and our manifestations.

We were very skeptical of the stories other people have had from the game and didn’t believe that an app could actually read our thoughts and take us to a location matching them. The first set of coordinates we received was based on my thought of “flowers."The location took us to an unfamiliar road five minutes down the street in the town I’ve lived most of my life.

We got to a point that the GPS told us we could no longer drive so we began walking into the woods until we found an opening with a house in the center on it.

There was no driveway leading up to the house, just a cutout oval area in the middle of the woods. This alone was enough to give me chills but then I saw one single flowerpot behind the house.

I couldn’t believe that what I thought of was present. And as soon as I told my brother that my manifestation came true, he turned pale and we left immediately. After deciding to generate and visit a few more locations to be sure the first wasn’t just a coincidence, we were completely mind blown at how the locations never mistook our thoughts. 

For a few days, we became completely obsessed with the concept of the game and read every ounce of information we could find about it. We couldn’t believe the experience we just had and decided to go back to the first location.

When we got to where the start of the mysterious road was a few days before, there was no road.

We drove around the general area for hours trying to find a road that no longer existed. I ended up deciding to check the location on the app just in case we made a mistake, and the app was gone from my phone. I had absolutely no evidence that we ever played the game or that this location existed a few days before.

To this day, no one in my family believes that we even played the game in the first place. Before this, I’ve always made jokes that “reality isn’t real” and that “you can change it whenever you want to," but I took this experience as a sign to stop trying to “break” reality like I had previously tried. I think the universe told me to stop playing the game by deleting the app off my phone. This experience felt like we were playing with a force a lot larger than the two of us and because of that, my brother and I have vowed to never re-download the app or participate in anything related to the game again.