GLITCH PRESS is the literary home of glitch-in-the-matrix tales, folklore, and other stories about the strange housed at  Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), and a product of collaboration between faculty and students at IUP and students from China and Taiwan. What makes us different in our approach to those with similar interests is that we are interested not in only strange fiction but strange NONFICTION, prose that presents itself as being records of actual events--both ancient and modern.

This body of literature goes by many names. In China, it's historically known as zhiguai. In Japan, it's called kwaidan. In the West, it's known as forteana or glitch-in-the matrix tales. And one can find examples of it in ghost stories, folklore, and biography and autobiography as well.

Like Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian scholars of old, we are dedicated to putting these pieces in conversation with one another. We do so in order to unsettle ontological sureties and to dismantle too-easy divisions between myth and truth, fiction and nonfiction, the physical and the spiritual, and the waking and dreaming worlds. Our aim? "Boxue (博学)," the illumination of the deep principles of self and reality.

Read these pieces and enter the Matrix with us.


Yi Izzy Yu

Managing Editor

A devotee of all things weird, Yi Izzy Yu teaches Chinese and English Studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In a previous incarnation, she was a translator for Microsoft in Shanghai and a professor at Qingdao Technological University.