Glitch Tales

A Not So Close Friend by Sebasvisu

Three friends and I went to a concert at the biggest venue in Mexico City. One of my friends is a woman (this is important for the story). So, the concert ended and we agreed on a meetup point outside the venue so we could get a cab and leave together. There were about 100,000 people there, so we inevitably got separated before going to the meetup point. We waited for my friend for about 15 minutes, then we started …

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Snake Girl by Dao Fei, Yantai

Recently in China, a snake girl was reported in a village in the far north – about three flying or twenty driving hours from my hometown in Yantai.  It’s very cold in this part of China, a Canadian kind of cold. The snake girl who lived in the village was about thirteen years old. Before she became a snake girl, she was just this typical Chinese girl – with two ponytails in the back of her head and with skin …

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We All Saw My Husband by u/SawScar112013

This happened a few months ago, before all the quarantine, but I still can’t stop thinking about it. We live on a farm and my husband also owns his own construction business. He turned one of the old barns near our house into his business area where he keeps all of his trucks, equipment, office etc. you have to pass our house to get to this particular barn. It was a Saturday and he went alone to finish a job. …

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