Got a true strange tale or glitch-in-the-matrix of 1000 words or under to share? Submit it to

How? Simply copy and paste your work into the body of your email.  Don't sweat font or formatting.  As long as it's neat and consistent, we can work with it.

To introduce your piece by way of a cover letter, just give us a quick hello (Yi Izzy Yu and Frankie) and provide a short third-person bio.

In terms of rights, we just ask for first publication rights to allow us to display the work for the duration of the press.  While there's no payment for these accounts, do know that not only do we appreciate your willingness to share but so do the innumerable other people out there who are looking for sounding boards for their own strange expereinces.

For ideas of the type of material we're interested in, take a look at the zhiguai and glitch-in-the-matrix tales on our site.