Hello Again by K.A.E.

“This happened about 15 years ago. I called my friend up, and he wasn’t home, so I left a message on his answering machine.”

“I said, ‘Hey, it’s me. Sorry I missed you, call you later. Bye.’ And then I hung up and left the house. I made no other calls. Later that day, he called back and he says, ‘Wow, that was quite a message you left. Who was that girl you were talking to?'”

“I was like, ‘What are you talking about? I wasn’t talking to any girl!’ Well, as it turns out the message didn’t end after I said ‘Bye.’ I had to go over to his house and listen to this message a few times.”

“After my initial message, there was a slight pause, and it continued on for another 30-40 seconds or so with me talking to some girl. It was my voice, but a conversation I never had—with a girl whose voice I didn’t recognize.”

“You could compare it to the message I know I did leave, and the two voices were indistinguishable. Not just the voice but, you know, talking mannerisms. It was my voice, along with references to my occupation and activities.”

“Basically, in this conversation, I was talking to this girl about going skiing but I had to go down to my shop and work on a car first, which totally correlated [with what I was doing]. Then, the message just stopped. It was recorded on one of those digital answering machines that recorded the message to a chip, so there was no tape I could have taken and had analyzed, unfortunately. Also, neither I nor my friend had party lines so that’s not an explanation. It was very freaky, I can’t explain it.”

*Originally posted on Reddit